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How to Open Your Own Hummingbird Restaurant

Feeding Hummingbirds is a great way to attract them to your yard.  But why stop at simply feeding them?  Create and design a Hummingbird Restaurant!  As a Hummingbird Spotter Member, we do awards and prizes for the best ones! 

How to Open Your Own Hummingbird Spa

If you have a Hummingbird Restaurant, maybe you want to consider adding a Spa to your Hummingbird Resort!  They sure love a cool bath to rest and rejuvenate!

How to Open Your Own Nesting Supply Depot

If you live in an area that females will nest, providing Nesting Materials might encourage a mom to have her babies right in your yard!

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How To Help An Injured or Dying Hummingbird

Do you have a starving Hummingbird in your yard?  Or maybe an injured bird?  Here are some tips that may help you save a life.  It is worthwhile to note that if you have a lot of hummingbirds visit your property, you should have the name and telephone number of your local hummingbird rehabber handy ahead of time.  Sometimes an injured hummer has only a few hours to get help.

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How To Make Friends Through Hummingbirds

Hummingbird Spot is the place to connect with Hummingbird Spotters from around the world.  Find out more here.

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Join Our Community of Hummingbird Spotters

Hummingbird Spot calls our members Hummingbird Spotters.  We are a community of people sharing our passion of Hummingbirds through friendship and fun online activities. 

Hummingbird Spotter Events

Hummingbird Spotter Events are to entertain and get to know our members. Whether it's our Facebook Live events, awards program or community contests, there is plenty for you to connect with us and others.

Get Involved with our Social Media Community

Find something a little bit different on each of our social media platforms.  Check out this page to see what we feature in each location.

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How to Become A Hummingbird Spotter Member

Join our community and become an official Hummingbird Spotter member!

How To Become A Hummingbird Spotter Photographer

Hummingbird Spot wants to become the largest photo gallery of Hummingbirds on the internet.  We would love to collaborate with professional or amateur Hummingbird Photographers.  Your hobby could earn you some nice commissions and extra income!

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