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Bird Baths

Hummingbirds love a cool water bath to rest and play.  You can purchase beautiful red bird baths or even make your own.  Our DIY project videos can help you create a custom spa for your yard.

One I use that the hummers love can be purchased here.


Hummingbirds need perches to rest.  These can be purchased or handmade. 

Color and Decor

Make your Hummingbird Spa beautiful with attractive red decor.  Paint the name of your Spa on a red sign or plants a variety of colorful, tubular flowers.  There is not limit to how beautiful you can make your Hummingbird Spa.

Snacks and Food Service at The Spa

If you include tubular flowers at your Spa, the Hummingbirds will find plenty of insects and nectar to be happy and fed.  Include a Hummingbird Feeder or full restaurant to really make your spa a choice selection for all the local Hummingbirds to come.

Costs for your Hummingbird Spa

Bird Baths can cost anywhere from $25 - 150.  Making your own can be the best cost effective option to get high quality, along with beauty.  Planting flowers can cost as little as $25 and go higher than $100.  It really depends how many plants you buy and how often you have to water them.  Other decorating items like signs and perches would be under $50.

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Colors and Decor
Snacks and Food
Costs for your Spa


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