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they are unique pollinators for plants and they are good for human health too.

Hummingbirds Are Lifesavers; Literally!

Plants Recognize Hummingbirds

Researchers Adam Hadley and Matthew Betts discovered that a Heliconia plant in Costa Rica (Heliconia tortuosa) is fussy about its pollinator.  It appears that only the Green Hermit and Violet Sabrewing Hummingbirds can do the job!  Other pollinators including other hummingbirds fail and even human attempts to pollinate it have failed.  

The flower will only "turn on" when it is visited by one of these two species of hummingbird.  They have long curved beaks that can reach deeper into the flower than other birds.  The theory is that this plant has evolved to utilize these two hummingbirds as its only pollinator because these species carry pollen further distances thus reducing the chance of inbreeding and resulting in healthier offspring.  

Humans have had problems with hand pollination of other species.  Perhaps other types of flowers also have their preferred "mates" yet to be discovered!

Hummingbirds are good for your health

There are many scientific studies that show physical and mental health benefits to connecting with nature and animals. Watching hummingbirds is very calming and relaxing.  They seem to appear out of nowhere and float in the air, darting in and out of flowers.  Sitting and watching them is almost like a form of meditation.  You can feel the day's anxiety float away.

The hummingbird is a feng shui symbol to attract beneficial chi to your surroundings.  They are fed on sweetness and they seem to be tireless.  Having them in your life brings that energy to you.

Children are drawn to them because of their fast-moving wings and flying prowess.  This can lead to great home projects inspiring a life-long love of learning about nature and the environment.

To capture the life force of the hummingbird, plant flowers or hang feeders to bring them to your garden.  If this is impossible, surround yourself with hummingbird art.  Whether the hummingbirds you bring into your life are real or works of art, they will surround your life with positive energy.


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