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Critically Endangered Juan Fernández Firerown

Hummingbirds are threatened by habitat loss.  There are 356 species identified and most of them live in very small areas and are dependent on specific plants that grow in their location and altitude.  Not only are they threatened by urbanization, but many of their areas are being destroyed due to the illegal lumber trade and agriculture clearing for the illegal drug trade.  These birds have specific memories of each and every plant and are dependent for their lives on the constant and consistent food supply.  

There are organizations that have made it a priority to try to help hummingbirds maintain their habitat.  Support through donations to these organizations is helpful.  Also, there are many products that come from hummingbird areas in South America, such as coffee and cosmetics.  When choosing these products, pay a few extra dollars to the companies that are trying to farm with conservation in mind

Every country in North, Central and South America has its own environmental organization that is working to try to preserve their country's wildlife.  Among them are Accion Ecologica (Ecuador), Animal Defenders International (Peru), Conservation International Colombia, EcoBrazil, and the Neotropical Ornithological Society (Mexico).  The largest one in the US is the American Bird Conservancy.

The worldwide organization is IUCN, or the International Union for Conservation of Nature.  They work in a wide range of issues related to conservation, environmental and ecological issues affecting species worldwide. 

Probably the biggest and most well-known American organization for bird conservation is the non-profit American Bird Conservancy.  Their mission statement is to conserve native birds and their habitats across the Americas.  They not only work to protect North American birds, but also birds throughout Central and South America.  

It was the American Bird Conservancy that helped provide needed funds for the local Asociación Ecosistemas Andinos (ECOAN) to set aside the Huembo Reserve in Peru.  This is helping to prevent the extinction of the Marvelous Spatuletail Hummingbird, perhaps one of the most spectacular of all hummingbird species.

The Santa Marta Sabrewing is a hummingbird endemic to Colombia that was thought to already be extinct.  But Laure Cardenes, a researcher studying migratory birds in the El Dorado Reserve, caught one in a mist-net used to catch hummingbirds for identification and banding.  It was banded and set free.  This reserve is located in the Santa Marta Mountains of northern Colombia and was slated for development until the  American Bird Conservancy and Conservation International together with Fundación Pro Aves made a last-minute purchase of the land in 2006.  This 2000-acre reserve is now preserving a high number of endemic species of fauna and flora threatened with extinction.

Hummingbird Spot, Inc is proud to be a donor to this organization.

The American Bird Conservancy


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