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Locations in North America

31 species have been reported in the United States, but fewer than 20 are regularly found there.  Eight of them have been reported in Canada.  

The Caribbean is home to many hummingbirds, including several endemics like the Bee Hummingbird in Cuba and the four endemic species found on Jamaica:  the Red- and Black-Billed Streamertail, the Jamaican Mango and the Vervain Hummingbird.  19 species are found on the island of Trinidad.

Locations in central America

Hummingbirds are widespread in every country in Central America.  Twelve of the species found in Mexico are endemic.

26 species in Belize
54 species in Costa Rica
26 species in El Salvador
39 species in Guatemala
42 species in Honduras
58 species in Mexico
34 species in Nicaragua
59 species in Panama

locations in south america

South America has a dazzling number of hummingbirds.  Colombia wins first prize with 165 species.  Many of these birds are endemic to tiny areas.

36 species in Argentina
81 species in Brazil
10 species in Chile
165 species in Colombia
132 species in Ecuador
32 species in French Guiana
39 species in Guyana
6 species in Uruguay
20 species in Paraguay
124 species in Peru
35 species in Suriname
100 species in Venezuela


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