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How To

How to Garden for Hummingbirds

Having hummingbird friendly plants is a sure way to bring these wonderful birds to your property.

Open your own Hummingbird Restaurant

Feeders, food and more!

Open your own Hummingbird Spa

Hummingbirds love to cool off in a water bath! 

Open your own Hummingbird Supply Depot

Help your Hummingbirds with nesting material!

Whether its ants, bees or the Praying Mantis, you are going to want to protect your Hummingbird feeders from unwanted guests.

Help an injured or dying Hummingbird

Did you come across a Hummingbird that needs your help?  Comes here for some tips!

Improve your physical and mental health

Hummingbird watching is more than a hobby!  It really is good for your health!

Make friends through Hummingbirds

Sharing passions is the best way to make friends.  Hummingbird Spot brings the love for these little birds into a community of people sharing the same passion.

Become a Hummingbird Spotter Member

At Hummingbird Spot, you are more than just another person that likes Hummingbirds.  You are part of a community!  Our members are Hummingbird Spotters!  Learn how to join us today!

Become a Hummingbird Spotter Photographer

Hummingbird Spot wants to bring together all the professional, and amateur, Hummingbird photographers, to one place, so that we may collaborate and enjoy as many species of these birds all in one spot.  If you live in North or South America and love photographing these birds, becoming a Hummingbird Spot photographer is a perfect platform to share, and sell, your images.

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DIY Projects

Make Hummingbird Nectar

Making Nectar from home is much better for the birds than buying pre-made products!

Make a Bird Bath

Hummingbirds love a cool place to rest and cool off!

Make a Bird Perch

Hummingbirds need a place to take a rest and perches are perfect near your feeders.

Make Jar Hummingbird Feeders

If you want to make your own feeders, we can show you how!

Make Ant Moats

Ants want water too!  Make sure you protect your Hummingbird feeders from these unwanted guests.

Make Bee Trays

Bees need water and offering them their own place will keep them away from the Hummingbird feeders.

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Travel to Hummingbird Destinations with Carole

Our Chief Hummingbird Spotter is traveling around the America's to the best Hummingbird locations!  Enjoy the best locations of Hummingbirds by traveling virtually with Carole!

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Photo Gallery Print and Gift Shop

Chose any image in the Print Gallery and make custom products and gifts with your favorite image.

Hummingbird Spotter Member Shop

Hummingbird Spotters can get official fashion and other gift items in our Zazzle Spotter Shop.  This shop also has many pre-designed gift items.

Hummingbird Spot Amazon Shop

All of our recommended Hummingbird Products can be found in our Amazon Affiliate Store!

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