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Carole Turek

Chief Hummingbird Spotter

Hummingbird Photographer

The Studio City Gang Caretaker

Assistant to Fillmore


The Resident Bird Expert

Lover of Hummingbirds

Part-time Comedian and Model

Carole's Boss

The Studio City Gang

Black-Chinned, Anna's, Allen's, Costa's Hummingbirds

and more visit Carole's home daily!


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Discover Hummingbirds

If you are just getting to know hummingbirds, this is a great section to get started.  Here you get to know all the best fun facts and basic knowledge about hummingbirds!

Learn More

After you've learned the basics about hummingbirds, it's time to dive in deep and really get to know these amazing birds on an intimate level.

We're Live!

Things are about to get exciting for hummingbird lovers all over the world!  We have our award winning live stream camera broadcasting hummingbirds 24 hours a day, 365 days year.  Our camera is based in Studio City, California, USA and is a dream come true for bird lovers everywhere.


But we are not done yet!  Our chief Hummingbird Spotter, Carole Turek, is traveling the America's to photograph and video many species of hummingbirds in their native environments.  Our members will get to enjoy these hummingbird photography trips virtually and witness the beauty of the hummingbirds from Alaska down to the southern tips of South America. 

All of this is exclusive to Hummingbird Spot!  This is the closest to the hummingbird you can get virtually!

Hand's On with Hummingbirds and Our Community

Now that you've learned everything about hummingbirds and you've starting to watch them fly around, eat, mate and maybe even fight, it's time to get involved!  This section is filled with all kinds of How To's and DIY projects.  Learn to create your own backyard hummingbird restaurant, spa and nesting depot! 

If you are interested in photographing hummingbirds, or you already do, we have great tips for achieving the best pictures!  Not sure what to do with the pictures you take?  We are always looking for amateur hummingbird photographers to contribute to our site.  You may even earn some extra cash if your pictures sell in our gallery or gift shop!

Last but not least, this is where you learn about becoming an official Hummingbird Spotter by joining our community!  Nothing beats having friends with similar interests!  We gather and share through our private Facebook group everyday!  Don't miss out - Join the Facebook Group "Hummingbird Spot." 

Got Kids? Hummingbird Spot for Kids!

Every parent in today's modern world is looking for ways to get there kids off technology and out into nature.  Getting involved with hummingbirds is a great hobby for kids and full of enrichment benefits!  Visit this section for kid friendly learning, DIY projects, live camera streaming and even a community of other kids that love these birds.

The Gallery and Print Shop

Here we featured all the original photography of our Chief Hummingbird Spotter, Carole Turek.  As well, we feature photography from our community friends that have become official Hummingbird Spot contributing photographers.  If you love birds, you will love this amazing gallery!

If you find an image you just can't stop staring at, our prints can be purchased through our print shop or even custom printed on a variety of gift products.

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"I can't wait to meet you!  Ordevors are waiting!"

- Fillmore The Resident Bird Expert for Hummingbird Spot

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