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Hummingbird Spot Twitter

Twitter is the best place to catch the commentary of our resident bird expert Fillmore.  She loves to post her silly antics and keep you laughing.

Hummingbird Spot Instagram

Our best photo galleries are here on the website, but follow us on Instagram to get a special  preview of all new photography getting posted!

Hummingbird Spot Facebook Community Page

The community is the place to share your knowledge, information, pictures, projects, video and friendship with all the other Hummingbird enthusiasts.  Our most active community members will become features Hummingbird Spot Influencers and have featured interviews and bios published.

Hummingbird Spot Facebook Page

This page is for Hummingbird Spot to post official news and information.  Learn about our upcoming awards show, contests, website updates, featured interviews and much more by checking the business page for Hummingbird Spot.

Hummingbird Spot Resident Bird Expert

Fillmore, the African Grey parrot (Hummingbird Spot's resident bird expert) has invited you to become friends on Facebook.  Follow her antics and fun through this page.

Hummingbird Spot Pinterest

Our Pinterest page will feature our best DIY projects and instructions.  Be sure to follow us there and pin your favorites!

Hummingbird Spot LinkenIn

Be sure to connect with our Chief Hummingbird Spotter, Carole Turek!  LinkedIn is a great spot to connect for all types of collaboration!

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