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The Hummingbird Spot Facebook Community is a fun place for Hummingbird lovers and enthusiasts to gather and share information, pictures and projects.  Better said, this is the place where we all come together to make friends and connect.

Carole and Fillmore will host a variety of community activities to keep everyone interacting and excited to come back day after day. 

Our most active community friends could be selected as Hummingbird Spotter Influencers and have a featured interview with Carole and Fillmore.  It's a fun way for the entire community to get to know you!

We will host contests from time to time and give away prizes!  You don't want to miss this!  Where else can you get free stuff for loving Hummingbirds?

Do you have Hummingbird feeders?  A Hummingbird flower garden?  Do you take pictures?  Hummingbird Spot host a semi-annual awards show to find and feature the best Hummingbird Restaurants, Spas, Gardens and Photographers!  Become an award winner through our community program!


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