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ECUADOR 2019 -  DAY 8


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Wildsumaco Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Napo Province.  With its collaboration with Francis Marion University and the University of North Carolina Wilmington, the Biological Station is dedicated to  the scientific study of the ecology and natural history of the area.

There are dormitories to house students at its biological station and a beautiful lodge for guests who want to hike and observe the amazing biodiversitofy of the area.  The great room at the lodge serves as a restaurant, bar and lounge that has a roaring fireplace at night.  During the day the lodge has panoramic views across the valley to the Andes.  There is a moth blind that doubles as an observation area later in the day, an antpitta feeding locale and hummingbird feeding stations that attract a wide variety of hummingbirds.

A moth blind doubles as an observation area later in the day.  Several hummingbird feeding stations attract a wide variety of hummingbird including the popular Wire-crested Thorntail, which is a regular visitor in large numbers.  A wonderful NatGeo video of the mating display of the male was filmed here.

A Little Bit of Hummingbird Love | Animal All-Stars

A Little Bit of Hummingbird Love | Animal All-Stars

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A male Wire-crested Thorntail trying to impress a female


Many Spotted

Brown Violetear

Gould's Jewelfront

Black-throated brilliant

Rufous-vented Whitetip

Rufous-vented Whitetip

Green Hermit

Wire-crested Thorntail Male

Wire-crested Thorntail Female

Napo Sabrewing


Golden-tailed Sapphire

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