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PERU 2019 -  DAYS 5,6


We left Huembo the afternoon of Day 4 and traveled back to Tarapoto, where we stayed overnight.   The next morning we said our goodbyes to Miguel and boarded a plane for Lima.   Check out the guys in their Hummingbird Spot logo T-shirts!

2019_Jan untitled shoot 127939.jpg
2019_Jan untitled shoot 127943.jpg

When Steve, William and I got to Lima, we found out our connecting flight to Cusco had been canceled.  So we got to spend some extra time hanging in one of the lounges at the Lima airport (thank you AMEX Platinum for that Priority Pass membership) and boarded a later flight to Cusco.  We were met by Victor Gallegos Berveño, Steve's birding partner in Peru, who would be our new driver.  We loaded up the car and headed for the Hotel Pakaritampu in Ollantaytambo, our next birding destination.  

The grounds of the hotel are covered with hummingbird-friendly flowers, and it is here where we were hoping to spend Day 5 photographing the Giant Hummingbird and the endemic Bearded Mountaineer.  This was an incredible place for photography.  You could gaze up from the flowers and see the stunning Incan ruins from the hotel grounds.

2019_Jan untitled shoot 118877.jpg
2019_Jan untitled shoot 118879.jpg

Ollantaytambo was the only place with sufficient enough wifi to do a facebook live.  Luckily we were able to capture the giant hummingbird live!  here is the video and a sample of some of the pictures i got while william was shooting.

2019_Jan untitled shoot 120918.jpg
2019_Jan untitled shoot 120917.jpg
2019_Jan untitled shoot 121005.jpg

In addition to the Giant, we were also able to photograph the endemic Bearded Mountaineer, as well as the Black-tailed Trainbearer and White-bellied Hummingbirds, all new species for me.  And you can't go anywhere in Peru without running into the Sparkling Violetear!

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