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COSTA RICA 2019 -  DAY 4


Donde Cope is the private residence of José "Cope" Perez which is located in La Unión de Guápiles, Costa Rica.  Cope is a photographer and he has set up a fantastic backyard garden complete with a natural pond.  There are both fruit and hummingbird feeders to attract a variety of birds.  He built an area that serves as a blind so you can photograph without disturbing the various creatures that visit the area.

After photographing in the garden for a couple of hours, Cope took us on a hike out to an area where he had spotted a White-tipped Sicklebill nest.  This took us across a little stream and out into the woods.  On our way to the nest site, a White-tipped Sicklebill was spotted perched on a branch and preening.  William digiscoped this fantastic video of this bird (and a Purple-crowned Fairy seen at Cope's) for Hummingbird Spot. 

Cope pointed out the nest and I saw what I thought was a baby hummer sitting there.  My first clue should have been that the bird had a long tail.  But we set up and waited for the mother (or the bird in the video that I thought was the mother) to come and feed the baby.  We waited.....and waited.....and waited.  Three hours later we had exhaled enough carbon dioxide to attract every mosquito within a five mile radius, but we waited.  Finally the mother left the nest which now appeared to be empty and she came back a few minutes later and sat.  She was obviously sitting on EGGS and it would be a long time before I was going to get any feeding shots!  I did get a nice photo of the mother with her mouth open and sticking her tongue out.  This was Lesson #2 for Lalo, who couldn't believe I would stay in one place that long to get a photograph.     I am VERY patient!

Normally I only photograph hummingbirds, but I could not stop taking pictures of the toucans that were landing a few feet in front of me.

I have no idea what was going on with these two Bronze-tailed Plumeleteers.  At first I thought they were mother and fledgeling, because they would sit together on a branch like this for a long time.  But when one would leave to try and drink from a nearby feeder, the other would attack it.  Then they would go back to sitting together.  Neither would let the other feed.  Strange!

2019_Aug untitled shoot 147644.jpg
2019_Aug untitled shoot 158216.jpg

The Gang:  Cope, Lalo, Carole and William


Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer

Crowned Woodnymph

Purple-crowned Fairy


Stripe-throated Hermit

Long-billed Hermit

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