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Bee Dishes to Help Keep Bees Off of the Feeders


Old hummingbird window feeders make great bee dishes! Since I have been putting up bee dishes, I have greatly cut down on the number of bees attacking the hummingbird feeders. When I see a lot of bees at a feeder, I either take the feeder down and replace it with a bee dish or replace the vacuum feeder with a saucer feeder and hang the bee dish next to it. Since the bees cannot drink from the saucer feeder, it has to get the water from the dish. Of course, it’s a constant battle, because if one bee drinks from the feeder and transmits the information back to the hive, many bees will be back. Everytime I check the bee dishes, though, there are three or four bees in each one. At least those bees are leaving the feeders alone!

Carole Studio City, California

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