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Hooded Orioles Love Those Hummingbird Feeders

I know it’s Spring, because the first Hooded Oriole has been spotted on the cam. Hooded Orioles winter in Mexico and migrate north in the early Spring, just like some of the hummingbirds. The hummers are shy around them, probably because they are so large. If one arrives at the feeders they all take off until the oriole leaves, then they come right back.

Male Hooded Orioles come in colors ranging from bright lemon yellow to deep orange. The females are a dull yellow.

Orioles are nectar feeders so they love the hummingbird feeders, but they also love oranges and grape jelly. In fact, they make special oriole feeders with little containers for the grape jelly and spikes for halved oranges. These will help you attract these birds to your property.

The orioles are found all over Los Angeles and they frequently attach their hanging nests under the fronds of palm trees. They feed on insects, caterpillars, nectar, berries and fruit. Food is plentiful for them with the plethora of orange trees we have in Southern California.

The number of pairs of orioles that frequent the Studio City Restaurant has grown over the last several years and their numbers seem to be growing. you are likely to spot one of these beauties pretty often.


Studio City, California

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