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July, 2019

Since Michele knew that i was interested in photographing as many birds as possible, she arranged for me to visit another area on the other side of Cali from Villa Migelita, which is also famous not only for hummingbirds, but is listed as an eBird Hotspot. 


We were met in the morning by Alvaro Martinez, a good friend of Michele and our driver for the day.  Then we were off to Finca Alejandría "El Paraíso de los Colibríes", or "Paradise for Hummingbirds."


Finca Alejandría is an eleven acre property owned and operated by Raul Nieto and his wife Elsa Ruíz.  They are extremely knowledgeable about the birds that frequent the property.  They constructed the 3-km pedestrian path and replanted the property with 200 palms and heliconias. Many nectar-rich plants and beautiful orchids line the path.  Hummingbird feeders are everywhere and so are the hummingbirds!  Toucanets, quetzals and trogons can be spotted there and in the surrounding forest.  The endemic Multicolored Tanager is frequently spotted at the banana feeder.  I particularly liked the beautiful female Red-headed Barbet that kept coming to the feeder.

Female Red-headed Barbet

Raul hails from Argentina and certainly knows how to prepare a fabulous Argentine steak on his outdoor grill.

2019_Jul untitled shoot 142782.jpg

Alvaro, Elsa, Me, Michele and Raul

This is a Facebook Live I did from the property

and another one I took of a Booted Racket-tail at a feeder.

Hummingbird Feeders at Finca Alejandría "El Paraíso de Los Colibríes"

Male Purple-throated Woodstar

Blue-headed Sapphire

Andean Emerald

Brown Violetear

Female Purple-throated Woodstar

Booted Racket-tail

2019_Jul untitled shoot 141521.jpg
2019_Jul untitled shoot 141547.jpg
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