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PERU -  DAYS 9-10-11


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The Waqanki Lodge is a private family-run birding and orchid-growing lodge right outside of Moyobamba, Peru.  When we pulled into the grounds, my eyes got very wide!  The first thing I saw was a magnificent garden with pathways running through it and hummingbirds buzzing everywhere among the flowers.  I knew immediately that this place would be hummingbird photography heaven.

There are many trails on the property for birdwatchers, but the area that interested me most was the three-story observation tower that is a short (but energetic) hike over the bridge and up the hill.  The tower is surrounded by trees, flowering plants and hummingbird feeders.  There are even feeders attached to the corners of the tower so the hummers come within a few feet of you.  A big poster board helps you to identify the many species that visit the area.  

This is the best place to get close-ups of the wonderful male Rufous-crested Coquette, as one likes to perch in the trees close to the observation tower.  This is where I got my best pictures of the male.

Here are some of the other hummingbirds that feed at the Waqanki Lodge.  Click on the name to see more pictures of that species in the gallery!

WIFI was generally scarce in Northern Peru, but the signal was good enough at Waqanki to send a Facebook Live from the gardens.

2018_Oct untitled shoot 101279.jpg

my guides, steve sánchez & william orellana

me and my big lens

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