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What on Earth Is That Yellow Thing on the Cam??!!

It’s another step in the bee battle!  The bees have thinned out on the deck, but there are still several of the little buggers buzzing on the cam.  I’ve given them their own water dish close by the feeders so they don’t have to fly far to get the water.  They are more attracted to yellow than red, so I put water and stones in a green dish (the only color I had) and put the plastic bottom from an old wasp trap upside down on the stones.  I’ve seen a few go take a drink of the water, but let’s see if it attracts the others away from the actual feeders.  I’m keeping the ports clean, so there is nothing for them to get on the feeders.  Mr. Squirrel was back trying to drink out of the saucer feeder but he didn’t get anything.  He will definitely be relocated to the park tomorrow!


Studio City, California

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