The Mantis Is Now on a Feeder

The praying mantis was apparently not getting enough action on the bee dish on the other side of the deck and has found her way to one of the feeders. Praying mantises have been known to eat hummingbirds, but it is reportedly a rare event. I know it happens because a few years ago I found the remains of a hummingbird that had been partially eaten by a mantid.

After observing this one all afternoon, I am convinced that the only way they would attack a hummer is if they were very hungry or if it thought that the hummer was going to harm it. This feeder is still being frequented by a few bees and the mantid was aggressively going after them. I saw her catch and eat a few. (Man, are they FAST!) Hummingbirds were visiting the feeder frequently and the mantid paid little attention. She lifted her head to take a look at the bird only if it got too curious and in her face. She never once made an attempt to strike out at a bird.

As dusk approached and hummingbirds starting crowding the feeder, the mantid withdrew to the center of the bottom of the feeder to hide.


I’ll keep an eye on the situation.

Studio City, California

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