Praying Mantis Season is Over (At Least on the Deck)

Update: The two praying mantises (manti?) have mated and gone, presumably to make their little egg sacs. The hummingbirds are safe. It is thought by many that the non-native Chinese Mantis is the only one big enough to catch a hummingbird. This is not so. The two I had on the deck were native Bordered Mantids. I caught one of them eating feathers. She obviously took a swipe at a bird and missed, managing to only get a few feathers. I truly believe these mantids could have caught a bird, but I moved them to a section of the deck where there were no feeders and lots of bees, and that is where they stayed until they mated and disappeared. They were very efficient bee catchers and they were satisfied with this constant food source. I am searching for the egg cases. When I find them they will be moved to another location, as I do not want hundreds of them next year!

Studio City, CA

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