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Hummingbird Webcam Back In Business

The webcam feeders are back up after the building fumigation and the regulars are starting to return to the restaurant. I left a few feeders up at ground lever where the temporary feeding area was located so any stragglers can find food. Now three species of birds are showing up at the feeders – Anna’s,…

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2017_Apr untitled shoot 17003

The Restaurant is Temporarily Closed

Fumigation of the building is necessitating temporary closure of the highly-rated hummingbird restaurant. Their patio dining is closed, but fifteen feeders are set up for them at ground level. There is plenty of food for them during the weekend. The feeders will be filled with fresh food every day. The feeders are placed far enough…

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2017_Apr untitled shoot 16975


The live hummingbird cam will be down today until 5pm. I will hang the feeders back up for the evening feed. I am trying to wean the birds off of the cam feeders as the building will be tented from Friday morning 4/7 until Monday afternoon 4/10. There are 15 feeders on the ground level…

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The Black-Chinned Hummers Have Arrived in Studio City

I’m so excited to report that I’ve spotted my first Black-Chinned Hummingbird of the season. They’re back! I sat out there for an hour before I finally was able to capture that beautiful purple gorget. I hope to get much better ones in the future! Carole Studio City, CA

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Hummers Hanging on in a Windstorm

Six Flags for Hummers!

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Noticeable Decrease in the Amount of Hummers

Every year around this time I notice a drop-off in the amount of birds at the feeders. I always attributed it to the fact that many of the females are spending most of their time on the nest. I’m wondering if anyone else in Southern California observes this also. I’m wondering if a lot of…

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Another Bee Dish Video? You Bet!

I cannot believe it. Can the answer to the hummingbird feeder/bee problem be so simple? I have an outdoor kitchen, and I noticed that after I washed things in the sink, the bees hung around and drank water out of the wet sponge. This is what gave me the idea to put water out for…

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Bee Dishes to Help Control Bees at the Feeders

Bee dishes really work! I added a bee dish I made out of an old feeder by adding water + stones for the bees to stand on. It didn’t take long for the bees to find the dish. Yes, there are still a few bees on the feeders, but most of them are now going…

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2017_Jan untitled shoot 14074

“Bill” the Calabasas, CA Broad-Billed Hummingbird

Today I visited Marilyn Meadows of Marilyn Meadows Photography at her home in Calabasas, California.  What a hummingbird habitat she’s created!  She has a beautiful backyard filled with hummingbird-friendly flowers, fountains and feeders.  Sadly, Marilyn is putting her home up for sale and is moving to New Hampshire.  If there are any hummingbird enthusiasts out…

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No More Room at the Feeders!

Things are becoming insane on the deck in Studio City!  Birds are lined up on the railing waiting for a turn at a feeder port.  Every time I put up an additional feeder, thirty more birds show up.  They know they have a reliable and clean food source.  I’m looking for that three star rating…

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