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Noticeable Decrease in the Amount of Hummers

Every year around this time I notice a drop-off in the amount of birds at the feeders. I always attributed it to the fact that many of the females are spending most of their time on the nest. I’m wondering if anyone else in Southern California observes this also.

I’m wondering if a lot of the birds I have feeding here in the winter months are really the migrating Anna’s hummingbirds that go up the West Coast every year, and they are just wintering in Southern California rather than flying all the way down to Mexico. I really wish some of my wintering Anna’s were banded so I could see where they end up in the summer months.

I still have plenty of hummers feeding here, so you will still see tons of them on the webcam. Soon the Black-Chinned Hummers will be arriving also. And the Orioles.

Carole Turek
Studio City, California

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