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Hummingbirds vs. Bees: The Battle is On!

The battle is on! It is so dry here in Southern California that the bees are desperate for water. A lot of bees were showing up on the deck and I was able to keep them occupied with water dishes. That was working well until the rest of the hive showed up today. I’m still leaving water up in dishes for them (and they are using them,) but I have to discourage them from their new favorite watering hole – the feeders on the webcam! I am temporarily switching out the regular feeders for dish feeders, so the nectar cannot be reached by those short bee tongues. Once the bees figure out that they can’t get to the nectar, they’ll go away. It’s going to be a battle at the feeders, though, as now there only 20 feeder ports where there were 50. Don’t fret, though. There are plenty of other feeders on the deck, so the hummers won’t go hungry!


Studio City, California




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