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Fewer Hummingbirds at the Feeders This Time of Year

There are lots of hummingbirds at the feeders, but not near as many as a couple of months ago. This happens every year around this time. The Anna’s that winter in Southern California have gone to feed on flowers further north. Also, this is nesting time here and the females spend much of their time sitting on their nests. Soon the babies will be hatched and fledged and they will join their mothers at these feeders, increasing the number of birds you will see.

There are still plenty of hummers to watch. Now there are three species common at the feeders: Anna’s, Allen’s and Black-Chinned. I keep hoping that a Broad-Billed will show up like the one that was recently seen in Calabasas (which is not too far away). Also rarely a Costa/Anna’s hybrid and a Rufous will show up. Be on the lookout for the Hooded Orioles, too!

Happy watching,

Studio City, California

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