Webcam Hummingbirds 9/9/16

The bees have pretty much left the webcam feeders so I am taking down the saucer feeders and returning the vacuum feeders, as the birds clearly prefer the latter! The praying mantis is back, but she has positioned herself in front of Bill Merritt’s bee pez dispenser. As long as she stays there she is…

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Hummingbirds Sharing Nectar with a Squirrel!

Who says hummingbirds don’t share? Mine not only share with each other and some local orioles, they are now sharing with Mr. Squirrel! Thanks Nancy Ruslander Haas for scapping this from the webcam!

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Live Cam Location

People are asking the location of my live cam.  It is on a deck three stories up overlooking Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Mulholland Drive in Studio City, California.

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Thought for the Day: Black-Chinned Hummingbirds

Here in Studio City I used to only occasionally see Black-Chinned Hummers in the early spring and late fall. They would appear for a few days and then fly on their way north. This year I am seeing more and more of them and they appear to be staying. It’s already the end of May…

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