2018_Jan untitled shoot 32595

Love is in the Air

Both the Anna’s and the Allen’s Hummingbirds are beginning their springtime displays over the deck in Studio City. It’s that time of the year again!

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2018_Jan untitled shoot 31973

A Costa’s or a Costa’s x Anna’s Hybrid Joins the Studio City Gang!

A male Costa’s Hummingbird has joined the Studio City Gang! Costa’s are seen occasionally along coastal California during the summer, but it is rare to see them here in January. I was pretty sure I saw a hummer that flashed some purple at me when I was out refilling the feeders last week. Today I…

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2016_Mar Arizona 25789

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson has a wonderful little hummingbird aviary. I remember visiting it years ago when I visited Tucson for a medical conference. This was well before I started feeding them and trying to attract them to my home. Perhaps this visit was one of the things that started me on…

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A Broad-Billed Hummingbird Shows Up in Calabasas, CA

Broad-Billed Hummingbirds are a common sight in central Mexico, and in the summer they migrate to feeding grounds in southern Arizona.  There are vagrants that are sometimes spotted in other areas, such as the one that is showing up at Marilyn Meadows’ feeders in Calabasas, California.  She says that he showed up a few months…

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Webcam Getting More Active as Days Grow Shorter

As fewer flowers are in bloom, the hummingbird feeders are becoming more and more active. There are still a few bees here and there, so I am afraid of putting the vacuum feeders up yet. As soon as I am able, you will easily see fifty to sixty hummers at once on this cam! Carole…

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