Are Bees Actually Using the Webcam Bee Dish? YESSSSS!

The bees are going to the feeders less and less (even on the vacuum feeders that you cannot see on the cam.)  Yay!  And the bees are proving my theory that they are primarily after water.  The bees are now using the cam bee dish and the other bee dishes I’ve set up around the…

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Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 5.34.28 PM

What on Earth Is That Yellow Thing on the Cam??!!

It’s another step in the bee battle!  The bees have thinned out on the deck, but there are still several of the little buggers buzzing on the cam.  I’ve given them their own water dish close by the feeders so they don’t have to fly far to get the water.  They are more attracted to…

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Bees Scored – Thanks to Mr. Squirrel

OK.  Now I see one of the problems.  Mr. Squirrel came to have a drink and spilled food out of the feeders.  The bees immediately came in for the VIP feeding.  Darn!  Just when very few of them were coming to the cam feeders.  I had to remove the vacuum feeder and will keep the…

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Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 5.22.09 PM

Bees Are Losing Ground on the Feeders!

After four days of replacing the vacuum feeders with saucer feeders, I think the bee population is officially stymied. At least that’s true on this corner of the deck. I’m trying to train the bees to go to the far corner of the deck by enticing them with water dishes. Many of them are satisfying…

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Hummingbirds vs. Bees: The Battle is On!

The battle is on! It is so dry here in Southern California that the bees are desperate for water. A lot of bees were showing up on the deck and I was able to keep them occupied with water dishes. That was working well until the rest of the hive showed up today. I’m still…

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Safely Getting Bees Off of Your Hummingbird Feeders

Here is a way to safely get bees distracted from your hummingbird feeders. Bees need water and will sometimes go after your feeders to get it. Give them a water source that they can easily drink from and they will leave your feeders alone!

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