Are Bees Actually Using the Webcam Bee Dish? YESSSSS!

The bees are going to the feeders less and less (even on the vacuum feeders that you cannot see on the cam.)  Yay!  And the bees are proving my theory that they are primarily after water.  The bees are now using the cam bee dish and the other bee dishes I’ve set up around the deck.  One corner of the deck that was a favorite for the hummingbirds has now been given to the bees.  The birds are much less fussy about the real estate and have gone right over to their new corner on the deck.

I do believe that the behavior of these bees is proving my theory that they are primarily after water.  If you try this method of getting bees off of your feeders you need patience!  The bees have to find the water and transmit the information back to the hive.  At first I hung a bee dish right next to the feeder they were attacking and then took the feeder down.  When I put the feeder back up, the bees were already used to getting water from their own dish.  You also need to know that the water disappears fast!  Between the drinking bees and evaporation off the stones in the open dish, I find I’m putting water in the dishes several times a day.

I’m hoping that this solves the bee problem.  My thyme and oregano plants look like they are getting ready to bloom, so that will also keep the bees busy.  Anyway, we’ll see what happens!


Studio City, California

This is next to another feeder and was taken this afternoon.

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