Another Bee Dish Video? You Bet!

I cannot believe it. Can the answer to the hummingbird feeder/bee problem be so simple? I have an outdoor kitchen, and I noticed that after I washed things in the sink, the bees hung around and drank water out of the wet sponge. This is what gave me the idea to put water out for the bees. I noticed in times past that bees would drink out of a bird bath I used to have, but it is difficult for them unless you give them a place to land. They cannot drink easily out of a pan of water. When I saw fifteen bees on the sponge I got the idea to make them a water dish with stones so they could land. The bees were drinking out of the hummingbird feeders until I started hanging a bee dish near each cluster of feeders. Now the bees preferentially go to the water dishes. They drink the water pretty fast, though. That and the evaporation of the water on a hot day means I have to fill their dishes several times a day. It is worth it, though, to keep both the bees and the hummers happy and the feeders bee free. We’ll see how long this lasts.

Studio City, California

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