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Many Black-Chinned Hummers This Year

I’m getting many Black-Chinned Hummingbirds this year. Last year I would see one or two coming regularly about every ten minutes, but never two or three males sitting on the feeders at once. Welcome to the deck boys (and girls – although you are harder to recognize as Black-Chinneds). The featured picture shows two males…

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Awesome Hummingbird Tattoos

These awesome hummingbird tattoos belong to two great people I worked with today in Beverly Hills: Sam Oliva and Veronica Carrillo. How unusual that two people with rather large hummingbird tattoos would be in the same room at work with me today! Veronica’s is on her left shoulder: Sam’s is on his right upper arm:…

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Fewer Hummingbirds at the Feeders This Time of Year

There are lots of hummingbirds at the feeders, but not near as many as a couple of months ago. This happens every year around this time. The Anna’s that winter in Southern California have gone to feed on flowers further north. Also, this is nesting time here and the females spend much of their time…

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