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No More Room at the Feeders!

Things are becoming insane on the deck in Studio City!  Birds are lined up on the railing waiting for a turn at a feeder port.  Every time I put up an additional feeder, thirty more birds show up.  They know they have a reliable and clean food source.  I’m looking for that three star rating…

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A Broad-Billed Hummingbird Shows Up in Calabasas, CA

Broad-Billed Hummingbirds are a common sight in central Mexico, and in the summer they migrate to feeding grounds in southern Arizona.  There are vagrants that are sometimes spotted in other areas, such as the one that is showing up at Marilyn Meadows’ feeders in Calabasas, California.  She says that he showed up a few months…

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Hummingbirds in the California Storm – Video

The hummers were desperate for food in the recent rainstorm, as it is nearly impossible to get nectar from flowers when it is raining hard.  We badly needed the rain to relieve us from the drought, but hopefully it’s over now that our reservoirs are full again.  Click “Continue Reading” below to see video.  

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