Another Praying Mantis has arrived on the deck.

ANOTHER Praying Mantis on the Cam?!

Hmmm. The other one mated and disappeared (off to make her egg sac, no doubt) and now another hungry female native Bordered Mantis showed up. I checked the webcam to see if the feeders needed filling, and there she was right in the midst of them looking around. There are still some bees buzzing the…

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Bye Bye Mr. Squirrel!

I had to take some action this morning. In order to control the bee population, I have had to temporarily change all of my vacuum feeders to saucer feeders. I did, however, leave one vacuum feeder up for the pair of orioles that are still coming onto the deck. The orioles do not seem to…

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Putting the Webcam on Full Screen

To put the webcam on full screen, click the little arrows on the bottom right of the picture.  The little hummingbirds look amazing when you view them full screen! Carole Studio City, California  

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Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 4.46.57 PM

Webcam is Back Up Live! Enjoy!

The technical glitch is solve and the webcam is back up!  I expect to have a large number of hummingbirds here all winter long.  I hope you will join me to marvel at these little jewels. Carole Studio City, California

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Two basic types of hummingbird feeders.

Hummingbird Feeder Types: Saucer vs. Vacuum Feeders

You may have noticed that I changed the type of hummingbird feeders on the webcam. This is a method to help control bees. There is a drought in Southern California, and the local bees are desperate for water. What could be better for them than a water source that is sugary to boot! The bees…

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Bee Water Dish

Bee Dishes to Help Keep Bees Off of the Feeders

Old hummingbird window feeders make great bee dishes! Since I have been putting up bee dishes, I have greatly cut down on the number of bees attacking the hummingbird feeders. When I see a lot of bees at a feeder, I either take the feeder down and replace it with a bee dish or replace…

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Webcam Hummingbirds 9/9/16

The bees have pretty much left the webcam feeders so I am taking down the saucer feeders and returning the vacuum feeders, as the birds clearly prefer the latter! The praying mantis is back, but she has positioned herself in front of Bill Merritt’s bee pez dispenser. As long as she stays there she is…

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Praying Mantis Update

I checked on the feeder hourly today, and the mantid discovered that the bees really like Bill Merritt’s copper “onesie” feeder. The feeder was accidentally positioned in a “down” position so it was slowly leaking nectar. The mantid set herself under one of the bee dishes about three inches away from the leaking feeder. Almost…

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The Mantis Is Now on a Feeder

The praying mantis was apparently not getting enough action on the bee dish on the other side of the deck and has found her way to one of the feeders. Praying mantises have been known to eat hummingbirds, but it is reportedly a rare event. I know it happens because a few years ago I…

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